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2020 BMW HP4 Race Rumors, Price

2020 BMW HP4 Race Rumors, Price

2020 BMW HP4 Race Rumors, Price – The HP4 RACE is more than the number of parts. This bike is pure emotion. From construction to the racetrack, passion is what has made this racing bike what it is – an innovation driver designed to push the limits. The HP motor is the world’s first motorcycle that offers full carbon frames and fully carbon wheels. With 215 HP (158 kW), it weighs only 322 lbs (dry weight). A dream handmade becomes a reality for fans.

The HP4 RACE is a masterpiece of engineering prowess. Each and every limited-edition racing engine is made by our specialists and equipped with numbered placards. This is for those who have no boundaries and always go any further. It is reserved for border survivors whose terms are not only satisfied with the Race HP4 but must redefine their needs. There are only a few like this. More precisely: 750.

2020 BMW HP4 Race Rumors, Price

2020 BMW HP4 Race Rumors, Price
2020 BMW HP4 Race Rumors, Price

The Frame of the HP4 RACE is made of seamless carbon fiber and is a continuous component of the steering head to the ARM Swing Pivot. Compared to standard frames, it saves almost 9 kilograms of weight. It’s not about appearance, somewhat, its characteristics when it comes to BMW HP4 RACE carbon technology. The designers facilitated pre-calculations and incorporated torque that depended on function and stiffness. As stiff as aluminum, hard as steel. All the advantages of carbon materials are fully utilized on wheels, including their versatility.

Developed for the Racetrack through and through, the HP4 RACE has its own self-supporting carbon which practically eats up the toned winds with aggressive splitface with air RAM in the back. The dome-shaped front windshield offers optimal protection to riders and keeps them efficient. The perfect interaction between paint and carbon material is the highlight of the RACE HP4, especially when it is still in a stopping place. A new era is a dawn to color as well. With HP4 RACE, we present new HP Motorsport color Light White/Racing Blue Metallic/Racing Red.

2020 BMW HP4 Race Engine

Built by hand in Berlin, the HP4 RACE engine is an enhanced version of the engine from remote WM and SBK world. It generates 215 HP (158 kW) and the maximum rotation speed increased to 14,500 rpm. The maximum torque of 88 lb-ft is at 10,000 RPM.

The first service, including oil changes, is done after the machine has been run on and recorded on the test stand by our specialists. The machine is endoscope and control times and the clearance valve is adjusted. Means that the RACE HP4 is ready to reach its full potential on horse races directly from delivery.

Strength and perfection. The housing machine is treated with a hot pressing isostatic (HIP), the smallest airbag eliminated from each part under excess pressure. The light and high strength Motorsport steel connect the paired rods to 0.5 g and moves in a finely balanced Crankshaft. The four pistons are paired and optimized to withstand increased rotation and load speeds.

The maximum regulated oil pressure from the oil pump is reduced from 6 to 5 bar and, in combination with a thin-body 0W40 oil, produces less power loss significantly. Each HP4 RACE machine is designed for strict tolerances for maximum power capacity. After fully testing the engine, the combustion chamber is endoscope in order to examine the combustion chamber for any imperfections. Once the machine has passed the strict inspection on the standing test, the full potential can be realized.

2020 BMW HP4 Race Performances

Performance brakes at the top level. The Brembo GP 4 PR is the famous caliper brake from the MOTO GP. It includes a T-floated racing brake disc with a diameter of 320 mm. The Monoblok brake caliper is highly resistant to temperature and Titanium piston with low friction will end the brake line. The brake calipers are equipped with a Brembo/04 racing bearing.

The 6-Speed EVO gearbox has shortened travel shifts and includes secondary transmissions. The Gearbox is controlled through the HP RACE Shift assist Pro. Riders receive clear feedback with each shifting due to lack of an actuator spring. As is usually the case in sports racing, the first tooth is located on the top, and Gear 2 to 6 are involved by moving the lever shift downward.

2020 BMW HP4 Race Review

2020 BMW HP4 Race Review
2020 BMW HP4 Race Review

Maximum engine wheelie and torque control are set to ride mode respectively WET, INT, DRY1, DRY2. Pit line limiter is ready for use when first gear is selected. When stopped, the launch control also starts automatically. This ensures that riders can focus their full concentration on the starting race.

2020 BMW HP4 Race Chassis

Each HP4 Race has its own consecutive numbered carbon plates which are Countersink into the fork of the bridge. The functional chassis of the HP4 RACE can be adapted to any type of Racetrack. By using variable offset adjustments, riders can adjust 30 mm factory settings with a stone depositor in 26-32 mm and 30-28 mm. The angle of the steering head is 0.5 ° flat than on the standard model at 65.5 °. It can be adjusted from + 0.5 ° to + 1 °. Thanks to the setting, the Castor 95-112 mm value can be achieved.

The polished aluminum button panels make all-important driving arrangements available with certain operating accuracy. In the left pane, the dashboard screen can be enabled and all DTC and EBR settings are performed. The two settings for the riding mode (WET-INT-DRY1-DRY2), Pit Start and delimiter buttons and the Kill switch are located on the right side.

Optimum ergonomics for each rider. The standard seat height is 32.7 “, lowest seat adjustment 32.1 ” and the highest seat adjustment 33.3 “. In addition, the dared footrest system has 8 different settings. Tapered handlebars can also be adjusted by 15 °.

Dynamic Traction control gets information from the positioned angular level sensor. The traction can be adjusted from + 7 to the 7th and the four ride modes available to choose from. Mode: WET-INT-DRY1-DRY2 varies in terms of the progressive mapping of gears, relative maximum torque and wheelie control specifications. Along with EBR (engine brake), riders can influence braking and acceleration characteristics and optimally adapt to horse race trajectory conditions.

Carbon fiber rims and special design of the wheels save an additional 1540 G compared to forged wheels. Significantly reduced wheel dimensions, especially circumference, especially noticeable with each direction change and when braking. For material connections, optimal positive locking is achieved by shrinking and pressing the add-on part such as a rope mounting chain made of aluminum. This construction produces additional stability when compared to traditional construction techniques.

A dry weight of £322 (empty DIN 377 lbs) is hard work. Any component that is heavily optimized or disposed of if not absolutely necessary. Weight reduction continues to drop to the best detail, even to the point of storing one gram of part while maintaining or enhancing their function. For example, Titanium screws are used in machines and frames in a limited number of metric sizes, to not only save weight but also reduce the number of tools needed.

2020 BMW HP4 Race Price Starting From $78,000

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