2020 Honda Gold Wing F6B Review

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2020 Honda Gold Wing F6B Review

2020 Honda Gold Wing F6B Review – Maybe you want a bike tour that’s like nothing else out there. Maybe you want a cruiser that is not a cookie-cutter clone. Maybe you just want a bike that’s big enough to take you wherever you want to go and do it comfortably and stylishly, with lots of class and self-reliance.

2020 Honda Gold Wing F6B Review

2020 Honda Gold Wing F6B Review
2020 Honda Gold Wing F6B Review

If that’s what you’re looking for, the Honda Gold Wing F6B is a type of bike. Large, smooth, powerful. The Gold Wing F6B uses the technology gathered from our own Honda Gold Wing, a motorcycle that sets the standard in Luxury Touring for the last 40 years. But F6B lighter, trimmer and lean. You will find that it is perfect for touring the city, a short trip or a weekend getaway. You will also find that it will blow almost all the conventional cruisers in terms of appearance and rule the presence – not to mention on-Road performance.

2020 Honda Gold Wing F6B Specs

This is the perfect standard for bicycles like F6B designed for some serious riding distances. Luggage performs better when designed in, not added as an afterthought. The F6B Sports Twin-integrated saddle pouch with 22 liters of storage; Both can be locked and sealed against the elements.  Based on the 1832cc Gold Wing powerplant, the Gold Wing F6B’s engine has the same smooth power. And since the Gold Wing F6B lighter, it will feel more powerful.

Honda Gold Wing F6B Engine

Honda Gold Wing F6B EngineHonda Gold Wing F6B Engine
Honda Gold Wing F6B Engine

Gold Wings is always famous for its convenience. So Gold Wing F6B comes loaded with everything from cruise control, surround sound to adjustable air suspension.

Gold Wings revolutionized the concept of a modern touring motorcycle, and the Gold Wing F6B is taking it one step further. Result? You get the best of both worlds: the gold performance of the proven Wing and Gold Wing F6B’s innovative, fresh take on what a motorcycle like this can. Deluxe Models Add Center stands, passenger backrest and self-canceling signal turn.

2020 Honda Goldwing F6B Price starting from $20,499

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