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2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Review

2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Review

2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Review – 163 Pro rmk is the lightest, most powerful, deepest ski skateboard in the market. The best mountain skis in the world have the best ratio of power to weight to give the passenger immediate lift and immediate response. The combination of chassis axys raised and light weight, strong Polaris engine, and exclusive track designs Polaris 163 Pro RMK on top of the snow.

The axys platform features a balanced rider that provides ultimate control for the passenger to achieve accuracy and ease. The world’s best mountain skis were built to be the lightest and most rugged, making it incredibly responsive to passenger input. This allows you to change direction and maneuver confidently in all circumstances.

2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Review

2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Review
2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Review


2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Chassis

The increased chassis axys lift removes and reduces the drag to keep you on top of the snow. It is specially designed for mountain riding and allows for improved side climbing, faster and easier, and instantaneous lift that allows snowboarding to jump faster. Aluminum structure is lightweight and durable for all types of horseback riding. Increase the longer spindle removed to reduce the drag.

2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Engine

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the lightweight and graceful Polaris chassis, these engines feature power-to-weight ratios in their class and set a new benchmark for ultimate performance with a full range of powerful options.

The compact and lightweight rear suspension design features modified geometry to control the pitch. This improves weight transfer, providing better control and more consistent ride. The rigid suspension delivers power directly to the snow. Outside the track, riders will notice improved weight transfer while maintaining an angle approach. On the trail, the riders will notice a more comfortable and comfortable ride. The rear suspension features a rail design that helps lift the rear slide while driving forward.

2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Specs

2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Specs2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Specs
2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Specs

The Pro-RMK 163 comes with premium Walker Evans shocks on the back or monotonous shocks. Shockers and walkers on the back with boosters and compression cabinets provide the best performance over a wide range of conditions. Tracks Walker Evans The monotonous extruded impact is the lighter choice of shock than the Polaris for those riders. From a single piece, the simple design is lightweight but durable.

The quickdrive system is designed to make skid-speed faster for immediate lift and reduce 21% rotational inertia for easy handling and flexibility. Not just a belt drive, it ‘s a lightweight system.

The Axys PRO-rmk features a compact body-engineering panel and design that helps give the best lean angle skis in the industry allowing it to hold even the toughest side lines. The PRO-rmk does not “plate out” like other sled brands.

The Pro Rmk reaction comment provides riders with the most accurate ride and effort in deep snow. Without bothering to start side-by-side and experience less fatigue with the most predictable ride. The new front suspension features a completely new architecture with a 36 “-38” position, a bar impact designed to handle the prediction, and all new forged arms and spindles are optimized for strength and durability.

2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Rails

The powdertrac operating boards have been developed for maximum snow cleaning and maximum power. Built of extruded aluminum with bonded lintel, it boasts an open area of ​​more than 50% traction that is integrated in the performance of the feet certainly. There is now an extra open space in the back side of the plates by the rear cushion to reduce the accumulation of snow.

It has developed a new, light weight Powdertrac XT operating panels for extreme passengers with a new geometry for improved side capabilities and deep snow. Improved comfort environment Keep the space usable for the rider and traction at the rear of the boards.

The lightest snow skis on the mountain. It has always been light and rigid with extra power and durability while reducing the weight on the Axys Rmk platform. Providing riders with an instant lift, Polaris skis help riders get higher than the snow faster.

2020 Polaris Pro RMK 163 Price From $13,299

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