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2020 Ski Doo Backcountry X Etec

2020 Ski Doo Backcountry X Etec

2020 Ski Doo Backcountry X Etec – The 2020 BackCountry X delivers the first 50/50 crossover slide with a mix of subtle, responsive driveway handling and effortless driveway versatility. Riders can surgically dissect trails or dive into narrow tree lines and shred uncoated powder.

The most powerful 2-stroke engine in the industry. It pumps more than 10 horsepower (165 hp) from its predecessor, but its response is what really shines. With the new PDRive clutch core, it ‘s 30% faster response than the 800R TEC electronic giving you instant control over which application.

2020 Ski Doo Backcountry X Etec

2020 Ski Doo Backcountry X Etec
2020 Ski Doo Backcountry X Etec

2020 Ski Doo Backcountry X Specs

Press the button starting with almost no added weight. After starting the initial draw, the motor charges the ultracapacitor. Push the joystick button to the fire to start the subsequent uses the energy stored in the ultracapacitor to convert the magnetic in the electric motor which spins the flywheel, and with the electronic TEC technology, the engine starts. Removes approximately 20 lbs (9 kg) compared to conventional electric starters. Starting shooting is possible only with skateboarding exclusive electronic technology technology.

A key factor in speeding skates Gen4 Pastor is the new Pdrive clutch. Quick and friction-free dual-speed torque transfer pulleys instead of traditional sliding buttons on this new 100% clutch. Large rollers with old stitch bearings, large weights and shaft shaft design emphasize the smooth operation and long life. Ultra-responsive transformation, impressive RPM consistency and 2.8 lb / 1.3 kg lighter body than the body’s seventh.

2020 Ski Doo Backcountry X Review

The fourth-generation Rev.’s platform is designed around aggressive lane riders with a tight range, and the agreement gives the rider more freedom to move and influence skis. The more centralized audiences (and especially the side-by-side), light-weight and outstanding industry leader make the car super responsive.

The special comment Cross uses the best principles of the rmotion trail and mountain skiing tmotion for confidence curves and graceful harnessing – such as front and rear arms with rigid weight transfer excellent. It is also characterized by a high rate of movement, such as the latest generation of rear comments to ski du, to provide superior control and comfort. Inverted rails enable better turning, faster finish speed and fuel efficiency.

Unique engineering and guidance on RAS 3 for ability and light guidance on and off-road. Optimized for the use of crossover, two-position ski stand-in handling: 40.1 in. (102 cm) or 38.4 in. (97.5 cm).

The sweat proved to be an aluminum shock with no pressure damping adjustment tool. Buildable / configurable design. This track features a combination of flexible lugs and cups for superior performance outside the trail and more rigid lugs for added drag on the hard packed snow. The analog speedometer and gauges are sharply supplemented by a multi-function LCD screen with three area packed with data.

2019 Ski Doo Backcountry X Etec Price Starting From $13,649

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