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2020 Ski doo Tundra Xtreme Canada

2020 Ski doo Tundra Xtreme Canada

2020 Ski doo Tundra Xtreme Canada – One look and it’s clear that this is not a slippery action. We took the tundra anywhere and discouraged it with a powerful 600-section E-TEC engine, performance shocks and other good things to make the most unique out-of-trail game sleds in the industry.

This basic structure and design sets a standard for light weight, durability and handling. Flexible ride mode provides comfort in sitting and standing. The driver can stretch their legs because of the foot position forward. The cab and bottom fryer shapes are optimized for snow float and flow. The design is rugged and dynamic.

2020 Ski doo Tundra Xtreme Canada

2020 Ski doo Tundra Xtreme Canada
2020 Ski doo Tundra Xtreme Canada


2020 Ski doo Tundra Xtreme Engine

Standard 600 cc class for fuel economy, oil economy, softness and ease of use. Up to 21 mpg (11.3 l / 100 km) trail the fuel economy. Almost no two smoke stroke, smell and easy start. Preparation for season is easy season with built-in automatic quarterly function. No wonder it’s the best-selling 600cc engine in ice skating.

Very tight in the front and low image to pass the legs easily from side to side. 0.8 Gall (3.2 L) of closed storage in the seat base. The exclusive telescopic front suspension allows the industry a large flat bottom fryer to float the exceptional deep snow.

2020 Ski doo Tundra Xtreme Review

We have sports suspension and facilities. The refined ride is both on the trail and on top of the powder. The rail is articulated to maximize deep snow traction in the opposite direction or closed when towing. One side with an excellent lateral roll bites, thanks to the thin outer edges. Tight and thin, but tough. The shorter behind the complementary spindle with the tail of the flat for easier anti-steering and winding.

Huge openings, strategically shaped keep boards clear. A high extruded edge adds hardness and control to the aggressive shoe. Our exclusive cargo attachment system is the best way to transport items on your tunnel sleds, such as cargo bags, fuel cans, and even on ice or skis. It takes only seconds and completely security – in fact, it is designed to hold up to 30 Gs of power.

2019 Ski doo Tundra Xtreme Price starting from $11,599

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