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2020 Yamaha Apex LE 50th

2020 Yamaha Apex LE 50th

2020 Yamaha Apex LE 50th – The rear-facing single shot with its detachable rear suspension, unique geometry and heavyweight loss features the old mono-choc designs. Double arm, full suspension features coupled in rail coupling blocks, an easy-to-use track trim system, and a significant reduction of the previous single suspension 121 inches (ca. 3 m) … all while offering exceptional ride quality, flotation and control in rugged terrain.

2020 Yamaha Apex LE 50th

2020 Yamaha Apex LE 50th
2020 Yamaha Apex LE 50th

This exclusive Yamaha technology connects the two front shock absorbers hydraulically. Oil flow between shocks through the yrs s control unit which affects the damping and volume transfer based on movement and forces generated in each skate. This system helps control the lateral winding without compromising obstacles to compliance and comfort. The net result is a general improvement in ride quality with a more accurate handle on traditional shock absorbers that must restrain ride comfort to the stability of the coil using independent damping calibration and stiff springs.

2020 Yamaha Apex LE 50th Specs

The FOX Float 3 Shock XV provides air-spring technology with an extra-sized upper room designed specifically to eliminate the unwanted harsh bottom. The added size of the twin room design provides exceptional ride and handling on rough terrain. Both primary and secondary XV air spring rooms are adjustable indefinitely for both passenger preference and conditions.

Yamaha was the first and still the only manufacturer to offer electric power steering for the snow industry. The speed sensing system offers maximum assistance at slow speeds to near zero assistance and high speeds. In addition to greatly reducing routing effort, the system reduces negative feedback, helping to isolate the driver from unwanted routing effort.

Developed exclusively by Yamaha engineers, the Ski Tuner II incorporates a dual-design design that can be calibrated through various sprinters and carbide lengths for the rider’s preference. The second ski tuner significantly reduces the rushing and steering voltage while maintaining the characteristics of handling that are predictable and sharp.

2020 Yamaha Apex LE 50th Review

2020 Yamaha Apex LE 50th Review
2020 Yamaha Apex LE 50th Review

Like all portable Yamaha snow, attention to detail is found everywhere including our integrated trunk storage seat. The security lock and easy to use turn opens wide storage in a seat large enough to hold water, protective glasses, gloves or other riding basics.

Yamaha’s rails are flat and spacious, engineered for comfort, control, and natural comfort environment. Integrated add-on adders add additional control options during the turnoff, and the hot control feature over that full length period.

A smooth and easy-to-use electric starter delivers instant hassle-free start-up, regardless of weather, eliminating the need for an “old school” tow-rope. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of an efficient, simple to use reverse system that includes a useful wake-up alert so you always know when you’re dealing with the opposite.

Yamaha Apex LE 50th Features

The high-intensity LED back light / brake light is lighter and brighter than the conventional incandescent design, and delivers much longer lifespan.

A high-precision RP Genesis 998cc 4-stroke is one of the most advanced engines to power ever snow. The high-speed four-cylinder engine is incredibly smooth and linear in power delivery. Year after year, the 998cc provides an ideal combination of energy, fuel efficiency, and durability while producing the freshest sound in ice skating.

The exclusive exam valve technology of Yamaha controls the exhaust pressure waves to obtain optimum quantity and efficient exhaust. The result is increased average torque and brittle throttle response while maintaining high-end exhilarating power.

Yamaha uses a braking system to reduce the engine’s sense of “free wheels” on the deceleration. The system allows a small amount of air to flow through the pull system when the throttle is released, which greatly reduces the impact of braking the engine is usually associated with a four-stroke engine.

Considered the best high-trajectory terrain performance available, the design of the 129 x 1.25-inch latch of the Ripsaw II delivers incredible acceleration, braking control, and handling in a wide variety of conditions.

Yamaha Apex LE 50th Chassis

Yamaha exclusive technology, the performance damper is designed to perform exceptional chassis in general by utilizing the chassis vibration and unwanted deformation. The damper performance captures unwanted chassis power resulting in exceptional control and comfort with high-speed stability marked and tracking through wet and chatter bumping corners.

This Nissin hydraulic brake system 4 pistons uses a large ventilator vent and caliper to pull the machine effort down from the speed. Adjustable one finger is easy with an aluminum-shaped brake arm. Secondary caliper and crane are used to get separate “parking brakes” to hold track when not in use.

2019 Yamaha Apex LE 50th Price Starting at $15,699

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