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2020 Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Price

2020 Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Price

2020 Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Price – Kodiak 450 EPS carries the famous Yamaha alloy from the most durable, Ultramatic industrial automatic transmission-with rider-centric controls and traction from the selected On-Command 4WD. The result is an incredible ability with the confidence to get you through the most challenging terrain and back again.

With full standard skid plates, almost 10 inches ground clearance and the independent double Wishbone suspension with adjustable shock, the Kodiak 450 EPS is ready to handle rough terrain without breaking the sweat-and with the kind of rider comfort that makes Long rides blast too.

2020 Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Price

2020 Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Price
2020 Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Price

Unlike many of the ATVs middle-class utilities, Kodiak 450 EPS is not just a smaller engine under full-size body. Yamaha built the Kodiak 450 EPS from the ground up to give the rider a compact chassis for precise handling and maneuvering on the road.

To ensure that riders of all sizes can utilize the Kodiak 450 EPS, ergonomics are designed for maximum flexibility. Riders have a large and small space to move around thanks to the long, comfortable seats and the width of the board. The Kodiak 450 is an EPS shaped bend handlebars for riders of varying heights, for increased comfort for any rider.

2020 Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Features

Just like all Yamaha ATVs and side-by-Sides, Kodiak 450 EPS uses a wide range of features to enhance durability and serviceability, from non-tool air filter design and oil-draining ports to top-mounted air intakes and connector Marine-grade electricity.
Kodiak 450 EPS offers 9.6-inch ground clearance and Full-Length Skid plate composites to provide maximum belly protection for various terrain.

Yamaha Electric Power Steering provides the best balance in the steering and positive feedback industry by checking gear position, 4WD mode and speed to match terrain conditions in real time.

Yamaha built the Kodiak 450 EPS with a compact body design, which is significantly smaller than the competitive model, for precision handling and inspiring travel with confidence in various terrain conditions.

The Kodiak 450 EPS engine features the torquey 421cc SOHC designed to provide a responsive strength balance and smooth character for long driving days with minimal fatigue. Mikuni® fuel injection means easy cold start and undefective fuel delivery in almost all conditions, while the liquid cooling and high volume fan system ensure reliable, consistent performance for years to come.

The Ultramatic transmission features a gated shifter, with a garden, dual-Range (Hi/Lo) drive, and Reverse Gear, and is specifically tuned to provide decreased power rpm for smooth, quiet operation. Even the position of the shifter gated is carefully considered, which moves forward to provide an area of roomier riders.

On-Command 4WD system on Kodiak 450 EPS lets you switch between 2WD and unlimited-slip 4WD by pressing a simple button. This driver-controlled system eliminates doubts or slips while waiting for a computer-controlled system to engage, which is common in some competitive models.

The hydraulic front disc brakes provide strong and consistent performance as well as braking performance to increase rider confidence, while sealed rear brakes are protected against dirt, rocks, and mud.

Beefy 25-inch tire patterns feature aggressive tread and provide precise steering balance and optimized comfort to make the most of the traction available.

Sturdy, large diameter steel cargo rack with durable wrinkle paint finishing can pack a Total of £264 combined. A heavy-duty ball Mount comes standard and Kodiak 450 EPS can tow more than £1,322.

Kodiak 450 EPS offers a riding position with the same airy nuance of Kodiak 700. With high handlebars, a long and luxurious chair for enhanced rider comfort for extended work days, large textured flooring, and oversized thumb throttle, every aspect of the Kodiak 450 EPS is designed to carry leading classes Purification rate to the middle-class segment 4×4 ATV.

The Kodiak 450 EPS features specially developed rubber machine mounts that isolate vibrations from the bay engine and gives riders one of the fine rides ever offered in an ATV utility.

The Kodiak 450 features a dual independent Wishbone suspension for the vehicle’s optimized position, steering light felt, and increased feelings from shocks throughout the entire travel range. With 6.7 inches of travel front wheels and 7.4 inches behind, Kodiak 450 provides excellent rider comfort even in the most rugged areas.

Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Engine

Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Engine
Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Engine

Yamaha Electric Power steering significantly reduces fatigue with the help of predictable steering that adapts to changes in driving conditions for exceptional control feelings.

The owners of EPS Kodiak 450 also get added visibility and extra illumination, courtesy of additional halogen work light installed on the handlebars, under the body-color-fits Cowl.

An All-LCD compact instrument cluster gives the rider a clear picture of speed, fuel level transmission status and more, in a modern and compact package.

The standard 12V power Port makes it easy to keep your device occupied for a long day. Under seat storage, It is possible to secure additional items during your trip.

Kodiak 450 EPS features a high-Mount air intake to ensure that water and debris cannot fit into the drive system or air engine Cleaner, with reusable foam air filters for machine-side accessible without tools. These airways provide a lot of cool, clean air for the engine and ensure that the V-Belt remains cool in the toughest working conditions.

Yamaha ATVs has a seawater resistant connector for maximum weather-Proofing, maximizing durability and improving serviceability, too.

Powertrain EPS Kodiak 450 is designed to make service and maintenance as stress-free as possible. This AIRBOX has no tool access to the air filter elements, the machine and the differential have a comfortable oil drain hole, and the electronic vehicle is located high in the chassis, under the Front center panel, for easy access.

Unique textured, injection-molded Fender protects against rock and debris damages to keep it looking good season after season, with styling cues borrowed from Yamaha’s leading industry-wide variety ATVs bear.

With the pre-installed Winch cable in the factory and a range of original Yamaha accessories designed in concert with the engine, Kodiak 450 EPS is ready to be configured to meet almost any job, from pullers and employment to hunting and recreational riding.

Collecting Real World Tough in Newnan, GA, United States.

2019 Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Price

2019 Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Price
2019 Yamaha Kodiak 450 EPS Price
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