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2020 Yamaha Viking Specs

2020 Yamaha Viking Specs

2020 Yamaha Viking Specs – Viking has a large capacity air intake system that enhances the overall engine performance. The air purifier is easily accessible from inside the cab for improved serviceability. Ultramatic transmission with dual-range (Hi/Lo) and reverse drives is the most advanced drive system available.

The industry-exclusive three-position on-Command 4WD system allows you to quickly dial between 2WD, unlimited-slip 4WD and fully unlocked differential differentials.

2020 Yamaha Viking Specs

2020 Yamaha Viking Specs
2020 Yamaha Viking Specs

This true 3-passenger machine achieves the comfort of the driver and passenger with a grip, padded headrests, and 3-Point seatbelts for all riders. Extensive noise and vibration reduction measures provide a smooth and quiet journey. Superior seating positions, adjustable driver seats, and central seat offset all provide unparalleled comfort that riders will appreciate.

The chassis design includes a convenient Pass-Through floor for easy on-board movement, making it possible to enter and exit the vehicle from both sides. The rear cargo bed is made of steel and is designed for a decent load capacity of 600 pounds.

The Viking is equipped with a Yamaha-powered 686cc engine with a large, usable powerband. LIQUID-Cooling provides consistent performance, a four-valve head with 10.0:1 compression delivers optimum torque for virtually any workload, and up to 30% gain in fuel efficiency compared to two-valve comparable designs.

Electronic fuel injection ensures peak performance in almost all conditions and elevation, along with instant cold start and smooth response.

The large capacity air intake system contributes to the overall development of the engine power. The air injection system burns un-combusted elements in the exhaust, thereby further reducing emissions.

Yamaha Viking Engine

Yamaha Viking Engine
Yamaha Viking Engine

The specially designed drive system air intake helps prevent overheating and helps to keep water and debris from entering the drive enclosure. The comfortable and fitted fenced sliding lever (L/H/N/R) provides simple Ultramatic transmission operations.

An 11.8-inch distance ground clearance provides maximum stomach protection while enhancing terrainability. The Viking width also helped minimize The 30 “Crop damage line.

The large Diameter front and rear wheel brake discs provide unmatched power stops, and the dash-mount parking brakes are simple and convenient to use, with a Bel to tell the driver if the parking brake is deliberately abandoned.

Standard Center-Mount, heavy-duty 2-inch snag-force barriers can tow up to 1500 pounds. The sturdy and rotomolded doors help keep mud, water, and dirt on the road where they are, with strong automotive hooks over many years of reliable service.

2020 Yamaha Viking Review

Stamped steel sleep dump is a value for transporting 600 pounds of teeth and features a Tie-down hook to ensure the cargo is securely tied. The cargo bed can be stranded and slanted from both sides when needed, too. The bed rails have integrated Mount Point to make installing genuine Yamaha accessories that are much easier.

Rubber bed mats further reduce cargo noise and vibration while increasing durability and providing extra durability for cargo. The machine is located under the cargo bed and can be easily accessed when the bed is lifted. Hood Access Center for batteries and other electrical components facilitates maintenance. The tool-free air Filter under the seat is a snap for service.

Padded headrests are included and the middle seats are rearranged for driver and passenger comfort. The pass-through floor provides ease of movement onboard for entry and exit of the vehicle from both sides. And Sun TOP standards make passengers covered.

The digital instrument Panel boasts a multifunctional LCD display with speedometer, odometer, dual Trip meter, hour meter, 4WD status, transmission position, clock, and fuel gauge.

Steel Skid plates under the frame provide protection from stone and former wheels and help prevent Viking from getting stuck. A glove sticking box is included to store smaller items such as mobile phones, wallets, etc. The Viking also comes with four in-Dash cup holders for passenger comfort.

2019 Yamaha Viking Price starting at $11,999.

Release Date: Green Suntop, Available from June 2018

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