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2020 Yamaha Viking VI EPS Review

2020 Yamaha Viking VI EPS Review

2020 Yamaha Viking VI EPS Review – The Viking VI EPS with a 686cc engine, liquid-cooled, injected fuel, SOHC power plant. This engine produces the strong low-end acceleration and pulls hard through the RPM range to provide excellent power to get the job done or when it hits the road.

Ultramatic transmission with dual-range drives (Hi / Lo) and the reverse is the most advanced drive system available. The industry-exclusive three-position On-Command 4WD system allows you to quickly dial between 2WD, limited-slip 4WD, and 4WD fully locked differentials.

2020 Yamaha Viking VI EPS Review

2020 Yamaha Viking VI EPS Review
2020 Yamaha Viking VI EPS Review

 Viking VI EPS Chassis

The chassis design includes a comfortable Pass-Through floor for easy onboard movement, making it possible to enter and exit the vehicle from both sides. The rear cargo bed is made of steel and is designed for a hefty load capacity of 600 pounds.

The Viking VI EPS is equipped with a Yamaha 686cc engine with a broad and usable powerband. Liquid-cooling provides consistent performance, a four-valve head with 10.0: 1 compression provides optimal torque for almost all workloads, and up to 30% in fuel efficiency compared to two-valve comparable designs.

Electronic fuel injection ensures peak performance in almost all conditions and elevations, along with instantaneous cold starts and smooth response. The large capacity air intake system contributes to the overall development of engine power. The air injection system burns un-combusted elements in the exhaust, thus reducing emissions.

Specially designed drive air intake helps prevent overheating and helps keep water and debris from entering the hard drive casing. Comfortable and mounted fenced shift lever (L / H / N / R) provides simple Ultramatic transmission operations.

This 6-passenger machine achieves the comfort of the driver and passenger with a wheelbase of 115.6 “leading in its class that facilitates driving and allows the best interior space in its class. Both the front and rear center seats are balanced, like the middle headrests, allowing no appeal to the comfort and convenience of the middle passenger, all passengers have a 3-point seat belt for driving comfort, and extensive noise and vibration reduction steps provide a smooth and quiet ride. Front and rear passengers also have a comfortable grip integrated with improved hand cushions convenience.

Yamaha Viking VI EPS Engine

Yamaha Viking VI EPS Engine
Yamaha Viking VI EPS Engine

The proven Yamaha electric power steering system at the Viking VI EPS offers excellent handling in all types of terrain, with lower steering efforts to reduce fatigue after a day in the field.

2020 Yamaha Viking VI EPS Specs

A maximum ground clearance of 11.4 inches provides protection for the underside of the wing while increasing terrainability. Viking VI EPS width also helps minimize damage to line 30 “. Large diameter front and rear wheel disc brakes provide unmatched stopping power, and the parking brake mounted on the dash is simple and convenient to use, with a bell to notify the driver if the parking brake is accidentally left on.

The standard 2-inch heavy-duty receiver hitch installed in the center can pull up to 1,500 pounds. Robust, muscular doors help keep mud, water, and dirt on the trail, with strong automotive hooks for years for reliable service.

Stamped steel dumps are rated to carry 600 pounds of gear and are equipped with fastening hooks to ensure the cargo is securely fastened. Cargo beds can be removed and tilted from both sides when needed too. Bed rails have integrated mounting points to make mounting authentic Yamaha accessories much easier.

This machine is located under the cargo bed and can be easily accessed when the bed is lifted. Access the center hood for the battery and other electrical components to facilitate maintenance. Under-seat air filters and free-tools are easy to use.

A padded headrest is included and the center seat is rearranged for the comfort of the driver and passenger. The pass-through floor gives you the convenience of moving inside to get in and out of vehicles from both sides.

The digital instrument panel has a multifunctional LCD screen with a speedometer, odometer, dual trip meter, hour meter, 4WD status, transmission position, clock, and fuel gauge.

The steel skid plate under the frame provides protection from rocks and wheel marks and helps prevent the Viking VI EPS from getting stuck. Hook glove boxes are included for storing smaller items such as cellphones, wallets, etc. EPS Viking VI is also equipped with eight glass seats for passenger comfort.

Durable rubber cargo mat further reduces noise and vibration while providing extra durability for cargo. The large 9.7-gallon fuel tank allows for long trips. Proud to build Real World Tough and gather in Newnan, GA, U.S.

2019 Yamaha Viking VI EPS Price starting at $14,899

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