2020 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Top Speed

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2020 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Top Speed

2020 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Top SpeedWolverine R-Spec EPS is aggressive and compact and is designed to be the most capable for off-road recreation side by side. Wolverine R-Spec EPS offers a perfect blend of suspension, handling, drivetrain and a longer chassis that works together to give you the ability to cross rough terrain with the best confidence and comfort in its class.

Wolverine R-Spec EPS is equipped with an independent grade 4 wheel that stands out with KYB Long-stroke shock which provides a very high-quality damping feel, excellent basic durability, and the best class adjustments to suit various driving styles, lots, and terrain.

2020 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Top Speed

2020 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Top Speed
2020 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Top Speed

Maximized comfort for drivers and passengers with automotive-style cabins and driving positions featuring soft, supportive and safe rear Bucket seats, 3-point seat belts, adjustable passenger handles and special floors that provide a comfortable and safe driving experience.

The Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec EPS is powered by the latest Yamaha and the most sophisticated 700 class engine ever with double overhead cams and fuel injection. The character of the 708cc engine power is optimized for smooth, linear power delivery on the ruggedest, most technical, and open paths.
Yamaha Exclusive on-Command 4WDWolverine features the R-Spec EPS on-Command, the most capable industrial four-wheel drive system. With a simple rotation of the rotating driver, select 2 wheel drive, 4 wheels unlimited slip, or full 4 wheel differential lock, allowing Wolverine R-Spec to scratch any road.

Equipped with Yamaha electric steering that has been proven on the Wolverine R-Spec EPS offers excellent handling of all types of terrain, with lower steering efforts to reduce fatigue after a day in the field.

Supported by Double overhead cam (DOHC), 4-valve, fuel injected 708cc engine, Wolverine R-Spec EPS is tuned to optimize torque, power delivery, and machine character to get through even the most challenging off-road terrain.

Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Specs

Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Specs
Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Specs

Complete, low, reverse and neutral Ultramatic automatic transmission provides CVT transmission that lasts the longest in the industry. One-way unidirectional clutch produces the most natural braking engine in the industry and eliminates “freewheeling” found in several competitive models. Centrifugal coupling maintains constant belt tension and eliminates slippage reducing belt wear and increasing durability. On-Command places the driver in a 2WD control, a 4WD key or a full 4WD with a Dial that is easily installed and easy to use.

High volume air intake optimizes the power character for off-road situations and is tucked under the hood to avoid elements. Large foam air filters can be reused and can be accessed without tools. Gear, coolant, and oil drainage systems have been designed to be full-length slippage plates that make maintaining and serving EPS Wolverine R-Spec very comfortable.

Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Chassis

The front and rear of the chassis approach and departure angles are tapered on the side and bottom of the vehicle to reduce potential contact on narrow lanes and in rough terrain. With 81 “Wheelbase and 11.4 ” of Wolverine’s ground clearance R-Spec EPS is designed for best-in-class terrainability and the body design with low hood provides maximum visibility drivers to navigate tightly, technical pathways and challenging terrain.

The Wolverine R-Spec EPS chassis is more compact than The Viking and is optimized to conquer tight, tough terrain. Class-Exclusive lower body skidplates are allowing a full glide over many obstacles that may hold others back – and they sweep the skidplates over two inches on each side to maximize Clearance in the wheels.

KYB supports fully adjustable shocks with a 9.7 “journey ahead and 10.6 ” The return trip provides excellent suspension and rider comfort when hitting the road. Adjustable settings include high and low-speed damping compression, rebound and preload adjustments.

The Front wide arc A-Arms and full-length skid plates maximize durability and terrainability and provide 11.4 “of ground clearance. The Flare on the frame protects the rear wheels from the approaching tree and rocks. The exclusive 26-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires provide optimum traction, durability, comfort and precision steering.

Yamaha’s proven electric steering system on Wolverine R-Spec EPS offers excellent handling of all sorts of terrain, with lower steering efforts to reduce fatigue after a long day in the field.

The front disc brakes and large-diameter rear wheels provide unmatched downtime with double pistons for excellent and predictable brake feelings. Drilled rotor improves cooling and reduces noise plus the wet parking brake is fully sealed, so it is protected from the elements and it is virtually maintenance free.

The tough, molded composite bed is rated for transporting 300 pounds of teeth, with a design that allows you to reposition the tailgate to handle different size loads — and 1 “Notch divider provides more flexibility. In bed is a six steel Tie-down hook to secure the cargo. A standard, heavy-duty two-inch barrier receiver-style can tow up to 1500 pounds.

The high chair in the back provides great support and luxurious comfort and is positioned for optimal visibility. The driver seat is a 3-position adjustable.

First-class legroom and tough, textured floor surfaces make it easy to find a comfortable position whether you’re driving or riding a car. A standard Suntop offers additional protection from the elements.

The three-point seat belts, shoulder bolsters, and adjustable passenger handles add a safe, comfortable feeling. Sturdy, colored doors help keep mud, water, and dirt on their path. Two cup holders, two center console storage areas, a dash-mounted glove box, and under-seat storage provide maximum space for storing goods in the cab. Large, 9.7-gallon fuel tank allows for long journeys.

2019 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Release Date

2019 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Release Date
2019 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS Release Date

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