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2023 Ford Explorer Redesign, Pricing

2023 Ford Explorer Redesign

2023 Ford Explorer – Ford has undergone a major overhaul of most of its ranks. The Ford Explorer — one of the most popular and recognizable SUVs in history — benefits from a full redesign in 2020.

This full-size SUV is near the top of the Ford lineup, placed just below the truck-based Expedition.

2023 Ford Explorer

2023 Ford Explorer
2023 Ford Explorer

The redesign shifted the Explorer to the rear-wheel-drive platform, providing an impressive Explorer crane rating and better handling, especially when equipped with Ford’s turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine.

Explorer is available with all the latest in-car technology and driver assistance that Ford has to offer. Offerings range from adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring to slick infotainment systems and tablet-sized touchscreen navigation and infotainment systems.

With seating for up to seven passengers and a large cargo area, Explorer also provides many utilities. However, not everything is bright.

Prices can reach tempting levels when you add options, and the interior feels cheap considering the cost of the Explorer.

Ford’s sturdy and mysterious new Explorer has been spotted again, this time with no pretence at all. We previously speculated that this might borrow the “FX4” nomenclature Ford used on Ranger and F-Series pickups.

Still, now that we’ve seen the exterior badges and embroidery of the seats, it seems “Timberline” is indeed the winner.

It was just one of many names Ford sought to protect in a flurry of trademark filings from 2018 and 2019, among which now-known nameplates such as “Maverick,” “Badlands,” and “Outer Banks” were also established, and it seems this is one track for a timely introduction to the 2023 model year.

The most notable changes for 2023 include different rims, and Bridgestone dueler all-terrain tires that are chunkier, along with different front ends featuring new grille inserts and orange trim pieces on the bottom fascia.

There is a skid plate underneath, and the back also has a tweaked fascia with the skid plate. The overall effect is similar to the FX4 off-road packages available in Ford pickup trucks.

We didn’t expect too many mechanical changes for the Timberline Explorer; The suspension lifted is possible, although it is difficult to say based on these photos.

It’s all but certain that it will come standard with the Explorer’s optional all-wheel-drive system. Timberline will likely also have its badge and interior trim differences.

The other three-line crossover offers similar-looking packages, such as Nissan Pathfinder’s Rock Creek Edition or THE GMC Acadia’s AT4 level trim.

We expect Timberline will join the 2023 Ford Explorer lineup, although Ford may add it during the current 2021 model year. This test prototype seems ready to use, so we should immediately hear more about this off-road package.

Ford Explorer Soft-Roadability

Ford also announced widely that the same vehicle could be converted into tractors. This was to fulfil Henry Ford’s vision that people could become farmers, which he considered a wonderful calling.

In the 1960s, where Ford pioneered personal SUVs, also known as the original Bronco. Through the mid-1990s, the Bronco set the pace for a private SUV.

Then, around 1996, the market took over the Bronco, which was pretty good at the time, and the automaker pulled it off.

In 1991 Ford launched Explorer. The Explorer has become the best-selling SUV of all time, with 8 million copies sold. The current model on the showroom floor of a Ford dealership remains the best-selling three-row SUV on the market.

Ford Explorer Six Trim Levels

By 2023, Explorer offers the same three-line design while also offering connectivity and many updated safety features. In addition, the explorer is available in six trim levels. They:

  • Base
  • XLT
  • Limited
  • Hybrid Limited
  • Platinum
  • ST

The base and XLT use four standard small turbocharged power plants. They are 4X2 models (four-wheelers with rear-wheel drive).

Moving to more expensive models, Limited comes in both standard and hybrid versions, while Platinum and ST offer twin-turbo V-6 engines.

Those who see the competition should include SUVs such as Kia’s Telluride, Hyundai’s Palisade, and Mazda’s CX-9, and don’t forget the models offered by the GMC and Chevy.

Ford Adds Sports Appearance Pack

The Sports Appearance package includes a dedicated car body bottom cladding, dual exhaust, Light Slate-colored interior seats, fake slip plates, and more.

There are also new cargo operator options available on XLT, Limited, and ST models. But, again, it’s standard on the Platinum trim.

2023 Ford Explorer Exterior

Looking closely at the outside of Explorer, we found an evolutionary view. The front end features a new grille, a lighter house, and a shorter front overhang.

There is also a higher ground clearance and a better approach angle for off-road work.

Side views provide more definitions of changes. It features a tapered roofline with a sculpted surface, although the overall rework looks like it has been on the road for years.

2023 Ford Explorer Interior

2023 Ford Explorer Interior
2023 Ford Explorer Interior

Moving inside, you’ll find multi-contour seats that work with a tiered dashboard design that gives you more space. You’ll also notice that the extra wheelbase of 6.3 inches gives you better first and second-row hip space.

Ford Explorer Design

Overall, observers say that the new version of Explorer is just an evolution from the previous model. Cargo capacity is up.

For the first time, Explorer can load a 4 X 8 plywood sheet. As a result, a total capacity of 87.8 cubic feet is available behind the front seat.

And speaking of chairs, you’ll find chairs offering heating, cooling, and massages. Features are available in all three rows. And, for those who want to see the sky, there is a wider panoramic roof.

There are many technologies available that include an updated Sync sound system that includes an eight-inch touchscreen. These technologies also include:

  • Wi-Fi capability for up to 10 devices
  • A 10.1-inch portrait touchscreen is available
  • 14-speaker audio settings

2023 Ford Explorer Engine

As for the specs, the base model weighs 4,345 pounds. The standard power plant is a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-litre engine that produces 300 horsepower with 310 pounds of torque available.

It also means that Ford has dropped the 3.5-liter V-6. Instead, it’s mated to a 10-speed Ford tranny. For those looking for a little more, you should check out the Platinum model with a 365-horsepower 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 and 380-pound-foot torque.

The other machines are still subject to change. And, don’t forget the Explorer ST with its 400 horsepower twin-turbo (3.0-liter version of the V-6 from the Platinum engine). There is also a Limited Hybrid with a 3.3-liter V-6 and a total output of 318-horsepower.

2023 Ford Explore Price Starting at $33.860

New 2021 Ford Explorer Timberline

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