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New 2022 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin Rumors

New 2022 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin Rumors

New 2022 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin Rumors – Honda Africa Twin a.k.a. CRF1000L is already a Honda hero in the dual-purpose motorcycle adventure segment. But based on the latest news from the Japanese media Auto By, Honda was diseased central to prepare the new Africa Twin a.k.a. Honda CRF850L with an 850 cc engine.

With the name of the Honda CRF850L, it is likely that the Africa Twin is prepared to spin its rival from the manufacturer of the Garputala Yamaha Tenere XTZ700 or even head to head with the BMW F800GS.

New 2022 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin Rumors

New 2022 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin Rumors
New 2022 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin Rumors

Like his brother, Honda CRF850L Africa Twin is likely to maintain a two-cylinder inline runway.

In addition, if you look at the rendering of the Japanese magazine Auto By, the line of the body is much different from the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin which is now circulating.

Rumors about a new version of Honda Africa Twin is just this because there is also news if Honda developed the larger CRF1100L Africa Twin.

New 2022 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin Rumors

Africa Twin 1100 plans to be introduced in 2021, while Africa Twin 850 will be introduced in 2022.

It is possible that the Honda CRF1000L will be discontinued and continue with two new models namely Africa Twin 1100 and Africa Twin 850.

Honda is no stranger to the bike market ADV. Download Honda CRF1000L African Twin and up-spec Africa Twin Adventure Sports. Both are highly capable motorcycles, and both get serious improvements for the 2022 year model.

2022 Honda CRF850L Specs

In fact, both are now dubbed CRF1100Ls after an increased stroke measurement of 6.4 mm and a result of a 1, 084cc displacement.

But the real reason for African CRF850L Twin? The major size lump of Africa Twin left an abandoned slit to be filled by a medium-sized adventure motorcycle in the Honda ranks, while also entering a highly competitive category largely dominated by European producers.

Adding CRF850L to the Adventure lineup will create an opportunity for Honda to achieve a more new mastered or less experienced ADV rider who is looking for a platform less than a liter size.

Think of mid-size African Twin as a stepping stone between the entry-level CB500X or the endure model CRF450L and long-stroke, TechEd-Out CRF1100L Africa Twin.

Expecting and all-new platform engine of Big Red comes in the form of an 800-850cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke Twin parallel machine.

2022 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin Review

2022 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin Review
2022 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin Review

Given that the new platform must meet the Euro 5 emission standards and numbers that we have recently seen from competitors of the same size, we would expect the African Twin 850 crank out around 90 horsepower. And will be very tractable, smooth, and rider-friendly in the typical Honda fashion.

A complete suite of motorist electronics is also expected on the 850 African Twin, including selected ABS, traction control, and power delivery mode via the Throttle-by-wire system derived from the huge displacement Africa Twin 1100.

Honda will also tend to use the same colorful 6.5-inch TFT dashboard used on 1100, and Apple CarPlay can work in a way to 850. Cruise controls will likely be seen in the middle class as well.

Africa Twin 850 would be more than likely to use semi-Double-Cradle-frame steel also derived from 1100, while employing a long-journey Showa suspension to absorb all the imperfections of the traces and the asphalt you pointed towards. We also expect a 21-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel to be used, offering a serious off-Road capability.

Just like the 1100 African Twin, we expect up-spec, more capable of Adventure Sports trim for 850.

Taking note of the long-stroke model, it should be expected for more fuel capacity, the Showa EERA semi-active suspension, a customizable the windscreen, the tubeless Ban, and more!

But, of course, that will come at an additional cost. Somewhere in the additional range of $3,000, just like the model 1100.

2022 Honda CRF850L Africa Twin competition

African middle-class twins will enter the cruel market and booming similar sized engines, largely ruled by European producers.

The competition will come in the form of BMW F 850 GS and Triumph Tiger 800.

The upcoming Yamaha Tenere 700 will also serve as a tough competition for CRF850L.

Serious competitors:

KTM 790 Adventure
Tiger 800 victory
Yamaha Tenere 700

If Honda blessed the ADV market by placing African Twin 850 into production, we probably wouldn’t have seen it hit the market until the model 2022 year.

We’ve seen photos, but the necessary tooling, testing, and production of a completely new model is not a small task, and Honda does nothing in half-hearted.

That, and given that Big Red has just launched an updated and noteworthy CRF1100L in the US, it doesn’t want to ruin the Buzz around the flagship model.

Personally, I hope to see the official announcement of the middle-class African twins about the 2021 EICMA show in Milan, Italy. Until then, we will continue to daydream over the thought of shredding 850 through Dusun

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