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2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Specs, Price

2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Specs, Price

2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Specs, Price – The Harley-Davidson Motor Company recently invited a group of journalists from around the world to take the first rides on a collection of early electric motorcycle productions as the company officially enters an era of alternative fuels. The launch of 2020 Harley-Davidson LiveWire is probably the most important event for motor companies since the premiere of the Evolution engine in 1984. The LiveWire is the first electric motorcycle H-D, a clue in what’s to come for America’s largest bike maker.

New bikes have been developed for nearly a decade, and will eventually reach the 250 networks of select Harley-Davidson dealers globally (150 existing in the US) at the end of September 2019. The Dealer has received bookings (and deposits) for months, and the customer will soon get a chance to ride and buy the actual bike.

2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Specs, Price

2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Specs, Price
2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Specs, Price

Like many, I was shocked back at 2014 when Harley-Davidson, probably the most tradition-steeped motorcycle manufacturer on the planet, launched a prototype electric motorcycle with an intention to bring a calm pig whisper to the market. This is a bold move to a brand with legions of faithful disciples baptized in gas, oil, and ink. But the 2020 electric motor Harley-Davidson LiveWire is here, on a schedule for the fall of early 2019 shipments to 150 participating North American Harley-Davidson dealers. I recently climbed the international press platform on a trip staged in Portland, Oregon, which marks the culmination of a development program for a decade-long.

2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Price

New LiveWire from the ground up, with new platforms, frames, motors, batteries, wheels, tires – you name it. The LiveWire price will start at $29,799.

Electric motorcycles are explosions to drive, and LiveWire delivers a Premium driving experience. H-D has put a full weight behind this project, from styling to engineering to marketing, and it shows. For anyone who is afraid LiveWire will be a Hog with an electric motor put in, stop worrying. It is technologically advanced, fully functioning electric vehicle two wheels with a very high level of fit and finish. In the profile, it looks more like the deceased-lamented V-Rod than that resembles the Big Twin.

Levatich then added, “We see EV as a very important catalyst. This is part of our new product investments, but not all of our new product investments. We continue to invest in a nice traditional Harley-Davidson motorcycle. We aim to lead in the electrification of this sport. This is part of the future of Harley-Davidson and we invest to take the lead in it. “

The LiveWire is meant to be an electric motorcycle product “Halo ” to showcase the potential of technology, and at $29,799 it costs like that. LiveWire is not possible or even expected to sell in large quantities, but declares the company’s commitment to new road growth products and increases the number of passengers while setting the stage to more affordable and diverse Harley-Davidson Electric models are currently in the works.

2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Engine

The new apocalypse Motor is mounted at the bottom of the frame, under the rider. The apocalypse is an internal permanent magnet synchronous motor with a cooling water jacket, tuned to produce 105 HP and 86 lb-ft torque. Peak torque is available at 0 RPM. LiveWire comes with 15.5 kWh high Voltage Lithium-Ion battery that calls the H-D “Renewable Energy Storage System (RESS). ” The RESS will bring the five years/Unlimited mile warranty and will be replaced, despite the replacement battery price yet Announced.

But that’s for the future. Now it’s time for my first trip in the 2020 production of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire motorcycle. Approaching the bike for the first time, I dig a contemporary bike without the ADO of style and exercise-standard attitude. And for my eyes, the LiveWire manages to convey the original Harley’s visual feel, with a touch of XR and Buell Lightning’s influence.

Fit, finished, and Premium quality materials, such as chassis components are sourced as fully adjustable Showa separate function big piston fork and free balance Rear Cushion-Lite shock. Your six-axis Bosch delivers State-of-The-Art TC and ABS cornering Bank-angle logic, while a pair of radial-mount Brembo-front Monoblock caliper and braided-steel brake lines will stop you on your tracks.

2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Review

2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Review
2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Review

2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Specs, Price

At the core of the bicycle lies the lithium-ion battery cell wrapped in a cast-aluminum housing that features a stylish/functional Heat sink battery cooling fin. This call Harley is a RESS, or a Rechargeable energy storage system, which energizes the H-D revelation permanently – magnetic electric motors on the bottom. RESS Battery carries a 5-year warranty with a projected 10-year life and is said to be a modular design that allows for future improvement as storage technology advances. The claimed output of the Rev Powertrain was 105 HP and 86 pound-foot torque, with a range assessed at a tough 146 mile in the city and 70 miles at 70 mph during the use of sustainable highways.

2020 Harley Davidson LiveWire Specs

LiveWire also carries a 12.8-volt lithium-ion battery to power measuring instruments, lamps, and other non-propulsion functions. A charger Level 1 (120-Volt or 240-volt) with a power cord to connect to the household electrical store under the bicycle seat. DC Fast Charge (DCFC) built-in capability.

Charging time at 120-Volt is estimated at 12.5 hours from “empty. ” H-D estimates that it will take 40 minutes for a fee of 0-80 percent with DCFC, or 60 minutes to go from 0 -100 percent charged. SAE J1772 Combo Inlet/IEC 62196 Combo Inlet is protected under a hinged cover over a Faux gas tank. Dealers who have signed up to sell LiveWire will have at least one DCFC station on the site, and Electrify America will deliver every LiveWire buyer with 500 kWh free charging on their station.

I gained a taste of the bike it was 549 pounds heavy pavement because it took some effort to lift off the side stand, but the 30.7-inch high chair and 5-foot-10-inch frame allowed a solid foothold at the stop for an easy balance (there was also a 1- Inch-Lower “slammed ” accessory saddle is available).

FOB proximity allows Power-ups by simply pressing the rocker switch located at the right grip. Boot-Up is quick, with the default display appearing in the 4.3-inch TFT touchscreen Dash following an H-D Splash Screen logo. A lot of familiar info is provided: odometer, dual trip meters, digital clock, and “lift side Stand ” Warning you could not possibly miss. Although there is no Tachometer because it is not widely used on single-speed vehicles, there is an optional speedometer screen with analog-Dial appearance.

A pair of vertical light blades bracket cluster instrument, and when illuminated, yellow indicates standby mode and the rotating throttle has no effect in these circumstances. Arming the longer drivetrain requires a repelling of the adjacent Toggle, and once the light turns green, it goes the time.

Cast aluminum Frame with dual-sided cast aluminum Swingarm. Fully adjustable front fork Showa 43-mm inverted fork function separately, while the rear shock is one fully adjustable Showa rear balance free lightweight bearing (BRFC-Lite). Both front and rear suspension have 4.5 inches of travel. Harley-Davidson-brand Michelin Scorcher Sport Tire Wraps Black Split Five-spoke aluminum cast wheels (17 x 3.5-inch front/17 x 5.5-inch rear).

Brembo dual four-piston Monoblock radial-mount front, dual-piston rear brakes with a floating rotor dragging the bike down from speed. The spiral bevel gear handles the main drive, while the final drive is with a belt, and there is a single-speed transmission. LiveWire comes with a complete range of electronic rider tools. Standard defensive reflex Rider System (RDRS) includes: cornering an enhanced anti-key braking system (C-ABS); Enhanced traction control system cornering (C-TCS); and drag-Torque slip-Control System (DSCS).

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