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2026 Lexus ES 350: Specs, Features, and Pricing

2026 Lexus ES 350

The Lexus ES has always been a smooth operator, a car that makes a statement about comfort and class without shouting it from the rooftops.

The 2026 ES 350 takes this idea and runs with it, giving us a sedan that’s even more refined, tech-savvy, and even more of a pleasure to drive.

2026 Lexus ES 350

2026 Lexus ES 350
2026 Lexus ES 350

At first glance, you might think not much has changed from the previous generation. After all, Lexus knows not to mess with a winning formula.

But look closer – the lines are sharper, and the stance is more aggressive. It’s still undeniably Lexus, but it had a hint of added sportiness that made me double-take.


Sliding into the driver’s seat feels like coming home if your home happens to be upholstered in buttery-soft leather.

Lexus has always mastered the art of cabin design, and the 2026 ES continues that tradition. The materials are top-notch, the layout is intuitive, and the hotel has an airy spaciousness that makes you want to settle in for a long road trip.

I’m a big fan of the updated infotainment system. It’s responsive; the massive screen is gorgeous, and, thankfully – Lexus kept some physical knobs and buttons.

Call me old-fashioned, but something is reassuring about being able to adjust the volume with a satisfying twist.

Premium Cabin: Look for exquisite materials like supple leather, wood trim, and tasteful metallic accents. The focus will be on spaciousness, ergonomic design, and understated luxury.

Advanced Infotainment: A large, high-resolution touchscreen will dominate the center console. Expect intuitive menus, crisp graphics, and seamless smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Lexus may retain some physical controls for critical functions.

Plush Seating: Comfortable, supportive seats with power adjustability and available heating/ventilation are given. The ES 350 might offer enhanced massage functions for ultimate relaxation.


The ES 350 keeps its silky 3.5-liter V6, which is a relief because a turbocharged four-cylinder wouldn’t feel right in this machine.

It’s not going to blow your hair back, but it has ample power for merging and passing and delivers it all with the kind of refinement you expect from a Lexus. It’s so peaceful at cruising speed that you might forget the engine’s running.

Lexus also tweaked the suspension, and you can feel the difference. It still prioritizes comfort above all else, but there’s a newfound sense of composure over bumps and corners. This kind of car devours miles without you ever feeling fatigued.


The 2026 ES gets a few new tricks up its sleeve. The safety suite is even more comprehensive, with cyclist detection and a system that helps you avoid opening your door into traffic.

And I finally gave in and tried the semi-autonomous driving mode – surprisingly good! I still wouldn’t take my hands off the wheel entirely, but it took the stress out of a long highway slog.

The 2026 Lexus ES 350 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but sometimes refinement is more important than revolution.

It’s a luxury sedan that puts comfort, class, and build quality first, with a dash of extra sportiness for good measure. If you’re looking for a car that makes every drive feel like an occasion, this is it.

Lexus Safety System+: A comprehensive suite of advanced driver-assist features, including:

    • Pre-collision system with pedestrian and cyclist detection
    • Lane departure alert with steering assist
    • Adaptive cruise control
    • Automatic high beams

Semi-Autonomous Driving: The 2026 ES 350 may offer advanced hands-on lane-centering and adaptive cruise control to reduce highway driver fatigue.

Wireless Charging: Expect a convenient wireless charging pad for compatible smartphones.



Sleek Design: Expect an evolution of the current Lexus design language, with a sharper spindle grille, sculpted lines, and dynamic LED headlights and taillights. Consider a slightly wider stance for added sportiness.


Smooth V6 Powertrain: The 3.5-liter V6 engine will likely remain a staple, renowned for its refinement and adequate power. Efficiency improvements are possible.

Enhanced Handling: Expect returned suspension to balance comfort and composure. The 2026 ES 350 should feel more planted in corners without sacrificing its trademark plush ride.

2026 Lexus ES 350 Vs. Competitors

2026 Lexus ES 350 vs. 2026 Audi A6

  • Design: The ES 350 prioritizes flowing elegance, while the A6 embodies sharper, more technical sophistication.
  • Performance: Lexus leans towards refined comfort, whereas the Audi offers a more dynamic driving experience and potentially more powerful engine options.
  • Technology: Both cars will boast cutting-edge tech, but Audi’s Virtual Cockpit system may give it a slight edge in perceived innovation.
  • Reliability: This is where the Lexus traditionally shines, with a reputation for bulletproof dependability.

2026 Lexus ES 350 vs. 2026 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

  • Prestige: The Mercedes carries a more substantial brand cachet and an air of old-school luxury.
  • Interior: Both offer exceptional craftsmanship, but the Mercedes might have a slight edge in opulence and material choices.
  • Driving Feel: Like the A6 comparison, Mercedes often tunes its cars for slightly sportier handling compared to the Lexus’ comfort focus.
  • Price: The Mercedes-Benz will likely command a higher price premium than the Lexus.

2026 Lexus ES 350 vs. 2026 Genesis G80

  • Value: The Genesis G80 punches above its weight, offering luxury and features similar to the Lexus at a potentially more attractive price point.
  • Boldness: The G80 has a more visually daring design language than the somewhat conservative ES 350.
  • Brand Recognition: Lexus holds a stronger position in the established luxury market, while Genesis is still building its reputation.
  • Resale Value: The Lexus likely has an advantage in holding its value over time.

The 2026 Lexus ES 350 will likely continue to be the comfort-oriented, impeccably built, and reliable choice in the segment.

Competitors may offer bolder styling, more cutting-edge tech, or a sportier drive, but the Lexus delivers a stress-free and pampering ownership experience.

Release Date

Automakers generally refresh their models on a 5-7 year cycle. The current generation Lexus ES was launched in 2018 and received a mid-cycle refresh in 2022. This suggests a complete redesign for the ES is likely around 2025/2026.


Consider the current 2023 ES 350 base price (around $42,000). Expect the 2026 model to start slightly higher, potentially in the $44,000 – $46,000 range.

Luxury cars have many trim levels and options that can drastically influence the final price. A fully loaded 2026 ES 350 could easily exceed $55,000.

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