2020 Polaris Indy Adventure 155

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2020 Polaris Indy Adventure 155

2020 Polaris Indy Adventure 155 – The INDY 155 adventure was built on the chassis pro-ride which is more solid 300% for precise and intuitive handling. The ideal option is to get a smart handling sled that is fun to ride.

Rear suspension 155 has a hinge rail to get the best off-track snow movements and to prevent digging trenches when backing up. Even rail tips in Real even track can racer on obstacles and easier to support.  Smart yet stable, RMK adjustable front suspension delivers superior ride and handling on-and off-trail.

2020 Polaris Indy Adventure 155

2020 Polaris Indy Adventure 155
2020 Polaris Indy Adventure 155

2020 Polaris Indy Adventure Features

This 15 “x 155 ” x 1.6 “Cobra track features deep lugs with concave design to deliver outstanding trail performance. The great supply of deep drought snow and stiffness ensures great performance on the trail as well.
Indy’s 155 adventure is a purpose-built as snow do it all, and is designed to provide confidence that makes your day on the snow the best that can be.

The proven, durable, cooling fan of the Ice engine 550 provides reliable performance in great value.  All Indy models that feature a 550 fan drive use the clutch drive Cvtech POWERBLOC50 paired with advance driven clutch. This catches deliver seamless engagement, enhanced low driving speed and quieter operation. These durable clutches have a maintenance-free design and are easy to adjust while fastened on the sled.
The day of the ride is measured in miles and smiles. With comfortable seats, inspiring skis and confidence and integrated storage options-you’ll be posting all the long rides.

2020 Polaris Indy Adventure 155 Review

2020 Polaris Indy Adventure 155 Review
2020 Polaris Indy Adventure 155 Review

The modular design seat allows 2-even the flexibility of the passengers when paired with the rear-shelf adventure system.  The adventurous charging system features a rear aluminum rack that can carry goods, innovative locking and driving bags. These large bags can be installed or removed in seconds, without tools. It securely locks on both sides of the rack and provide convenient, protected storage that expands all travel racer options.
A wider right surface where the passenger sits provides enhanced comfort during long days on snow, seat design allows easy transition between seats and standing positions.

Ryder MPV shocks provide a great basis for riding and handling the pro-ride chassis. The least wind means warm driving designed for excellent coverage, this tall windshield draws wind and snow and around the rider while the panel side-wind mounted wind force and snow out of the rider.

2020 Polaris Indy Adventure Specs

Lightweight, aluminum front bumper features protection for you anywhere Andy Adventure 155 take you. The design of the 155 Andy Adventure has 15 degrees flatter the angle of the steering function placed to sit down and stall riding comfort and flexibility.

Powerful and lightweight float pro skis provide float out of the outstanding trail and are unsurpassed on the steering and off-trail and control. The unique double, stepped-mounted casual design provides more responsive deep snow handling as well as outstanding trail performance. The inverted rear edge accommodates backup over the obstacles and the highest toothed of the skid provides a boot able traction racer.

2019 Polaris Indy Adventure 155 Starting at $9,399

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