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2020 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Rumors

2020 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Rumors

2020 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Rumors – Updated for 2020, the YXZ1000R SS SE is the most focused high-performance side by side in the world. Changes to almost every system on the board ensure that YXZ presents this level of performance for every ride, regardless of terrain, from the dunes to the desert, thick forests and muddy roads.

Just as strong and exclusive as when Yamaha launched the first YXZ1000R SS SE in 2017, the 2020 YXZ1000R SS SE had a high-output three-round triple inline-triple engine mated to Yamaha Sport Shift, a sequential 5-speed manual transmission featuring Yamaha Controlled Chip Technology Shift (YCC-S). The result is a Pure Sport driving experience that is unmatched by anything on the market.

2020 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Rumors

2020 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Rumors
2020 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Rumors

Big machines made headlines, but the chassis did the real work. YXZ1000R SS SE leveled the driver with one of the most agile, adjustable and capable side-view chassis designs.

Comfort is controlled when driving hard, and the YXZ1000R SS SE is built around this concept. Drivers and passengers remain low on the chassis, with exceptional visibility. The cabin offers a spacious, high rear seat with lots of adjustments for the driver.

YXZ1000R SS SE is not only a standard with Yamaha’s reputation for reliability, YXZ1000R SS SE is also assembled in the US and designed with a variety of factory accessory options, so that you can not only adjust YXZ1000R SS SE to your needs, you know it will meet and exceed your hopes for the coming years.

Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Performances

YXZ1000R SS SE proved the performance of Pure Sport many times. For 2020, various enhancements drive envelopes wherever you drive. Drivers who want to knock down forests and trails will appreciate the decline of gears with tighter first gears, ideal for technical driving and sharper torque from the bottom. And people who want to drive through the desert will love the new internal fat engine, which makes adding a Yamaha turbocharger kit easier than before.

Large power means great heat, so for 2020, the YXZ1000R SS SE uses a new cooling system that not only ensures proper cooling during the toughest conditions but is designed to ensure the cabin remains comfortable and the radiator remains clean of mud and debris.

To ensure the YXZ1000R SS SE is able to maximize its three-cylinder engine, the driver must get traction in a variety of conditions, so that the 2020 YXZ1000R SS SE brings updated suspension settings to control the larger 29-inch Maxxis. Bighorn tires for incredible grip.

Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Design

YXZ1000R SS SE offers exceptional braking thanks to a larger diameter front rotor for 2020 (increased by 10mm). This improvement, along with rear disc brakes, maintains braking and enhances the taste for superior decelerations.

Going fast, looking fast. The updated frame supports a sharper style from nose to tail, while still ensuring the visibility of the leading driver in its class with an aggressive low hood design.

Designed to bring riding characters Pure Sport unequaled in the world side by side, the YXZ1000R SS SE engine is built to provide high revving power with flexibility and character that can only be given by three inlines. YXZ1000R SS SE engine offers jaw-dropping power, fantastic midrange torque, and thrilling 10,500 rpm redline. For 2020, new high-strength connecting rods provide the durability known to Yamaha – even under the demands of high output modifications such as turbocharging.

YXZ1000R SS SE was built to fly competition in every field, from sand dunes to muddy roads. To ensure the peak performance of each ride, 2019 YXZ1000R SS SE is equipped with a new rear-mounted radiator: this system not only reduces heat in the cabin, but remains clean from mud or buildup of debris, and is designed to channel cold air through the radiator at low speeds or high as good.

2020 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Specs

Pure Sport is not just about engine output – it involves the driver as important. And there’s nothing in the world side by side that can match the feeling of banging gears using the YXZ1000R SS SE Sport Shift, a sequential 5-speed manual transmission featuring Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift (YCC-S) technology. This system combines the strength, durability, `and efficiency of a traditional manual transmission with a sophisticated automatic clutch system that is controlled by a sporty paddle displacement mounted in the steering column. Sport Shift offers a high-tech driving experience that can be enjoyed by anyone, with the selection of teeth that are fast and literally at your fingertips. For 2020, this transmission also features newly optimized gearing which gives the YXZ1000R SS SE more flexibility to handle almost all types of roads, from desert roads wide open to first gear crawls.

Every machine needs to breathe clean air and blow air as efficiently as possible. The YXZ1000R SS SE high capacity input system features a dual air filter – one oiled foam, one thick paper – that provides maximum air flow to the engine and durable filtration for the dirtiest driving environments. The three-to-one high volume exhaust system concentrates the weight distribution and is set to provide maximum power in the entire rotation range.

On-Command 4WD provides the best traction for the driver, with 2WD mode, limited 4WD slip that is easy to choose, and a full 4WD locking mode. YXZ1000R SS SE Drivetrain combines Yamaha’s On-Command 4WD system that has been proven to overcome the most challenging terrain. To provide exceptional Yamaha durability, the system also incorporates an over-torque protection system that eliminates surge loads to the front drive case at hard impact, protecting it from damage without affecting performance.

2020 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Review

2020 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Review
2020 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Review

For 2020, Yamaha offers two models of YXZ1000R SS SE. YXZ1000R SS SE’s FOX 2.5 Blue Racing RC2 Podium Shocks offer a large piggyback reservoir that brings visual impact and superior pure sports performance. The four corners are fully adjustable with a double spring adjustable crossover – low-speed rebound and high and low-speed compression attenuation – with 16.2 inch and 17.0-inch front travel on the rear for exceptional driving quality, tuneability and handling. FOX Ultra White Podium X2 2.5 YXZ1000RSS SE with dual spring adjustable crossover provides the highest adjustment capability and exclusive industrial internal shortcut shocks with Fox X2 damper technology – high-speed compression and damping and rebound damping – with 16.2 inches of front travel and 17, 0 inches at the rear for exceptional driving quality, tuneability and handling

YXZ1000R SS SE handles the best sports side by side on this planet, period. YXZ1000R SS SE attacks bend with agility, light steering feel and straight-line stability on the toughest terrain. A high-end double-ball joint arm maintains the angular distance and bumps response that is ideal in all travel ranges, and the front and rear swing bars minimize the body roll for evener cornering, are more responsive. And under optimized frame geometry, full-frame composite skid plates protect from rocks and debris.

YXZ1000R SS SE displays the leading EPS sensitive-speed in the Yamaha class, to reduce accurate steering and handling efforts in almost all conditions. This lightweight and compact EPS unit, mounted high on the new rack-and-pinion steering system, further protects it from dirt and debris.

The YXZ1000R SS SE maintains superior braking control for 2020 thanks to the double piston calipers which suppress larger 255mm rotors at the front and 245mm rotors at the rear to produce exceptional braking power, feel and fade resistance in hard use. The automotive-style parking brake lever is installed in the cabin center console.

Only for 2020, the YXZ1000R SS SE now installs a larger 29-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 radial tire that offers extreme performance, with increased ground clearance, optimal traction, durability, comfort, and precision steering. This tire is mounted on 14-inch alloy wheels that are strong but lightweight.

Radical style shows off Yamaha’s passion for strength sports. And the shape follows function, because the design of the front suspension allows a very low hood line for excellent trail visibility. For 2020, the YXZ1000R SS SE is sharper and more sporty than before.

Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE Features

The YXZ1000R SS SE cabin has luxurious and high seats with additional lateral support and outer shoulder support, and the cockpit provides a balance between driving confidence and comfort. The shaped floor boards provide wide legroom while still giving the impression of being planted, and the driver’s seat and steering can be adjusted to ensure perfect compatibility.

YXZ1000R SS SE is inspired by Yamaha’s high-performance supersport motorcycle. Its functions include a digital speedometer, analog tachometer, and programmable shift lights, with readings for 4WD mode, gear position, fuel level, trip meter, hour meter, a coolant temperature warning, and a clock.

Drive hard and stay calm. All new rear mounted radiators significantly reduce cabin heat compared to the conventional front mounted cooling systems.

While the high-end Fox suspension on the YXZ1000R SS SE is mainly focused on maximizing the adjustment range for an aggressive ride, the same adjustment range adds flexibility as well. With a few quick adjustments, the YXZ1000R SS SE can be adjusted to produce a luxurious and smooth ride that opposes the idea that sports and comfort cannot coexist.

YXZ1000R SS SE in Ultra White, present standard with stop composites integrated into the ROPS structure. The whip mount flag pair is also ready for adjustment options. Yamaha continues to build industry-leading machinery that is praised for its unmatched reliability and durability. YXZ1000R SS SE has fitting and finishes features, components and construction designed YXZ1000R SS SE is proudly assembled in Newnan, GA, for distribution worldwide and built into Real World Tough.

Exclusive to the Ultra White model, four super bright and durable LED lights provide brilliant forward lighting and give the YXZ1000R SS SE a creepy style, with bright LED taillights for extra visibility.Bring what you need thanks to a 300-pound luggage rack. A glove box inside the cabin provides additional storage, as does the cup holder on the passenger side and the central storage tray on the dashboard.

Developed in conjunction with the updated YXZ1000R SS SE, a series of new accessories, including audio, lighting and high-performance turbo kit options – all of which are standard with Yamaha technical expertise. And for 2019, the YXZ1000R SS SE is also compatible with Adventure Pro, Yamaha’s exclusive trace-exclusive GPS system.

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